Technology Fundamentals

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Viavi is a global leader in both network service enablement and optical security and performance products and solutions. Our technologies contribute to the success of a wide range of customers – from the world’s largest mobile operators and governmental entities to enterprise network and application providers to contractors laying the fiber and building the towers that keep us connected.

Network and Service Enablement

Viavi helps deploy, maintain, and optimize the most complex and powerful networks on the planet. From 1G to 5G, from the core to the network edge, our end-to-end solutions provide unprecedented visibility and analytics. This intelligence ensures that end-users enjoy the highest possible quality of experience and application performance. Viavi enables communication that helps make our lives rich and productive—networks that connect people, entertain, and enhance our security.

To do this, we partner with network operators, providers, and enterprises as they adapt to fast-changing technologies, transform performance with actionable network insights, and thrive with unmatched assurance and innovative, profitable services.

  • Enterprise — We ensure networks perform consistently with end-to-end visibility and precision intelligence from infrastructure to applications
  • Cable/wireline — Viavi enhances the customer experience with integrated and cloud-enabled instruments, software, and services
  • Wireless — Our solutions reduce costs, improve QoE, and increase revenue with real-time visibility, from the handset to the core, and unique performance insights
  • Network equipment manufacturers — We help validate your technology at every stage from lab development to in-the-field deployment at customer sites
  • Cloud providers — Viavi optimize customers’ critical application performance with full visibility into services delivered from data centers.

Optical Security and Performance

Viavi also develops and delivers high-value optical components and solutions that enhance the security, safety, and other performance attributes of government and commercial customers’ products.

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Viavi helps ensure top performance in virtually every major network—from the NOC to field technicians—and over 100,000 data centers worldwide, from deployment and installation to monitoring and optimization.