Multiplexers & OADMS

Powerful passive optical networking

At Smartoptics, we offer everything to help you get more out of your fiber networks. Including multiplexers and optical add/drop multiplexers (OADMs). An optical multiplexer combines wavelength channels onto an optical transmission fiber. OADMs are used in WDM systems for multiplexing and routing fiber optic signals, selectively adding and dropping individual or sets of wavelength channels from a DWDM stream. Both give you more flexibility in terms of the volume of traffic and type of data you want to transmit.

Smartoptics modules are designed for the best possible performance levels. That translates into low losses and even greater distances for transmission. All of our units can be housed in case hardened outdoor modules, and can be used outdoors. Our range of passive CWDM/DWDM multiplexers and OADM modules allow up to 18 CWDM and 80 DWDM channels to be connected simultaneously over a dark fiber network. They are protocol transparent and suit applications including 10/1G Ethernet, SDH/SONET, 16/8/4/2/1G Fibre Channel/FICON, FTTx and CATV. Smartoptics is one of the only vendors to offer multimode modules to maximize the use of multimode fiber cabling. A hybrid C/DWDM system can be built by using CWDM channels 1530nm and 1550nm for 26 additional DWDM channels, keeping initial startup costs low and allowing a truly “pay as you grow” architecture.

Passive optical networking the Smartoptics way

The need to transmit data grows with every new department, new service, new communication application, new security requirement. Increases that can buckle existing systems. That’s one reason companies seek to upgrade their fiber networks. Laying new fiber optic cable can be prohibitively expensive. And so is adding “one off” services through leased or managed services. Expanding network capacity with Smartoptics is easy with plug and play solutions that are far less costly to own and run.

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Green data center networking

Our low power embedded XWDM systems offers a foundation for the ultimate green data center WDM networking solution.

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Embedded xWDM: Simple. Efficient. Effective.

Embedded XWDM is a simple and convenient way of transporting all data and storage traffic between sites. It uses a single dark fiber instead of multiple fibers. Low or zero power and low footprint.

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Transponders & Muxponders

Introducing the DCP platform

The DCP from Smartoptics enables a brand new way of building DWDM networks. A range of high density transponders and muxponders suiting the needs of today’s optical networking demands. A platform optimized for open line DWDM networking.

DCP-2 – The chassis enabling decentralized DWDM networking

At the heart of the platform is the DCP-2. A 1U chassis that houses two DCP modules. It also houses the power and management for these DCP modules. The local DCP element manager completely removes the need for a centralized management board making networking more flexible. Each element manager has all the required control and diagnostics features with a convenient API for north bound interfacing in to any standard network management system.

DCP modules can be placed close to the switches and routers whose traffic they need to transport are located. Low powered 1U modules instead of complex 5U+ systems. DWDM nodes distributed throughout the data center close to where they are required. Small form factor with no wasted chassis space. Each module is a fully enclosed EMI protected module that can be safely handled and easily installed.

DCP offers all the features required for multi-protocol traffic transfer over a dark fiber network without the need for extensive buildup of knowledge or costs. A system easily handled by Data and Storage engineers.

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DCP-101 – Low power 100G transponder

DCP-101 is a low power 100G transponder with front to back or back to front cooling. It has a QSFP28 client port that accepts all standard transceiver types including DAC (Copper) cables. Copper cables on the input remove much of the transceiver and cabling costs as well as dirty connector problems. The line uplink is a coherent CFP; one interface for metro and long haul applications.

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DCP-1610 – Multi-rate transponder

DCP-1610 is a high density multi-channel multi-rate transponder module offering independent xWDM transponders suitable for 40/10/1G Ethernet and 16/8G Fibre Channel transport. Each channel is independent of each other and there are no restrictions on combinations of traffic. DCP-1610 is available with encryption and an OTN version offers FEC over OTU-2 or DWDM uplinks. For more information please contact

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DCP: A high-density, modular 100G transponder

Everything in the DCP portfolio is plug-and-play. No new cabinets, no need to build up complex DWDM knowledge. DCP allows for a much more convenient distributed DWDM architecture throughout the data center with DCP modules placed close to where they need.

Powerful and flexible networking

DCP transponders and muxponders can be used in any combination alongside embedded DWDM transceivers for flexible networking. With an M-Series intelligent multiplexer as the open line networking element, all traffic types can be combined together from throughout the data center on to a DWDM network.

Existing fiber optical networks can be easily upgraded with new services instead of building new systems from scratch. 40 and 100G services can easily be added to existing CWDM or DWDM networks previously optimized for 10G traffic.