The world of IT monitoring and protection services is a competitive space, as more businesses recognize just how catastrophic downtime can result in devastating losses they might never be able to recover from.

On that same token, some would say it is a myth that world-recognized big brand names tend to provide better service and products and that appeal alone would put its fellow smaller counterparts out of business. The general mindset is that local vendors tend to have limited resource and poor market outreach; many fear the lack of continuity in product development would impact their business in the long run.

In recent times, however, the trends in the adoption of locally made IT solutions have now grown to be a more popular option and there is a significant shift to more niche options in the market. Local vendors have become an increasingly popular choice as compared to larger brands for a couple of good reasons.

Your IT environment is an ever-evolving process 

As the network environment is ever evolving, businesses are looking to continually adapt to its needs and seek out long term customization to ensure that the performance of their IT equipment maintains ‘business as usual’. Off the shelf solutions are often a poor option because of its inflexibility in this respect.

The willingness to customize is often a big challenge for MNCs and big IT firms. In some cases, many customers go the way of adopting big brand name IT solutions, however, this solution quickly because white elephants overtime, as they are unable to evolve with the customers’ needs and resulting as a sunk cost in the long term. 

You are helping to pay for that big brand name

Global solutions tend to be expensive, they tell you it is justified as they have more complete requirements. However, often enough customers may not require all of those requirements that is presented in a packaged global solutionIn other words, many customers actually pay for what they do not need.

In the long run, global solutions are highly costly if you consider the initial investment and ongoing operating costs needed to sustain the big business machine of up keeping the brand. Not forgetting some might even be working in completely different time zones and you may have to accommodate such schedules.

Your hands are tied when it comes to software support

This is considered one of the biggest nightmares for most customers and it comes in the form of problems in getting local support when rolling out global IT monitoring solutions. Since teams are global, enjoying quick local support may not be an option due to scheduling conflicts of IT teams who might have to fly in, and the implementation timeline can be impacted negatively.

Fundamentally, you need to understand what works for you and make an informed decision. We happen to know a thing or two about why a local brand may be better when it comes to IT monitoring.

Circumvent pain points in your IT infrastructure locally

We know how it works in country. Local customers tend to work in very small teams of about two to three IT professionals in a business unit. Also, given that most business decisions, particularly IT decisions come from top down, from headquarters to the local offices, many times the decision to adopt the big names have been long decided before it reaches the local teams.

If you are facing government regulation challenges, or if you are feeling the pinch of rising costs, we understand what you are going through.

NetGain Systems standpoint

Our solution is closer to home and since we are based in this market space, we are able to understand regional market requirements better. Being closer to home also means having resources close by. We have more adaptability with local context and regulations and can get to support our customer requirements and that’s where we thrive in – the ability to provide IT monitoring solutions that adapt to the local context.

We work collaboratively with all our customers, partnering them to customize their solutions, which also involves bringing developers on site to solve problems and tweak products which packaged solutions do not offer.

With NetGain Systems, an IT monitoring solutions provider of more than 16 years and the first local pioneer for IT monitoring, we have come a long way and a lot of our customers in various industries, across banks, telecoms, government services can attest to what we are known for best – the provision of strong local support. As with Thailand’s biggest telecoms operator, AIS, we work in tandem with ATOS, our partner, to enhance on their virtual monitoring tooling needs specific to areas in which they need help in.

The aim that NetGain Systems have is to work with customers to achieve their needs and not work with them to suit our IT monitoring product, the limitations of what an off the shelf product would offer. With so many choices available in the market, we hope that you are able to obtain a clear objectivity after reading this article the challenges that most IT departments and teams besides yourself face and what local support can do to eliminate the fears that comes with it.