IT folks are constantly worrying about the health of their network, servers and applications. The last thing they need is an event where the system fails and the business goes into crisis mode.

This could be avoided if companies take some time to focus onbuilding up their monitoring expertise, a constant effort to ensure that their IT environment is monitored so error conditions can be flagged and reported effectively.

If you are unsure of what exactly is network monitoring, read on to find out.

What is Network Monitoring?

The basic understanding of what networking monitoring, and you can find this on wikipedia, is the use of a system to monitor the network for indications of slow or failing components, these issues will be alerted to the system administrator.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re new to IT monitoring, we have the solution for you!

NetGain v10 Enterprise Manager is all about its ease of use. Ours is a plug-and-play system and requires no additional devices for installation. Upon installation, all devices within the selected range of IP addresses will be detected and monitored. The set-up process is absolutely fuss-free.