When it comes to monitoring critical business solutions, we should always check ourselves with a “Rule of 3”. What are the top questions that comes to mind when we think about IT monitoring?

Is IT monitoring a must-have?

With today’s complex IT infrastructure, monitoring is increasingly necessary to have for any business. The whole purpose of it is to monitor your network’s usage and performance, and check for slow or failing systems. With real-time alerts, you can get to any critical issues before it impacts your business.

Will it be a hassle to install?

NetGain EM is all about its ease of use. Ours is a plug-and-play system and requires no additional devices for installation. Upon installation, all devices within the selected range of IP addresses will be detected and monitored. The set-up process is absolutely fuss-free.

Can I customise my monitoring solution?

Yes, you can! NetGain EM is completely configurable and customizable. We are able to customise specific functionalities that is not within the system. What’s more is that we do it at a comfortable cost.


For any questions with regards to Netgain Network Monitoring Solution, dont hesitate to email us at sales@testronix.com.ph