Netrounds is a programmable, active test and service assurance platform for physical, hybrid and virtual networks. Netrounds’ automation capabilities enable communications service providers to reduce manual efforts required for network testing and assurance, significantly decreasing operational costs and improving operating margins, as well as nearly eliminating capital expenditures associated with using traditional hardware test and measurement equipment.
The core component of Netrounds is a unifying multi-tenant Control Center that provides a consolidated GUI for operations staff, as well as a cloud API for external OSS and NFV orchestrators, to remotely control and monitor Netrounds’ active, traffic-generating Test Agents. These software-based Test Agents provide distributed, end-to-end service insights across service activation testing, quality monitoring, and troubleshooting. These insights can either be retrieved by Orchestrators/OSS for full closed-loop automation or viewed in the Control Center for the diagnosis and resolution of end-to-end customer service and network quality issues.


Software-based, traffic-generating Test Agents for Automated Active Assurance

IP Core and Mobile Backhaul Performance

Quality-assure both the back haul and radio interface of your mobile network, from basic viability of infrastructure to the subtleties of end user service quality perception.

 Dynamic and Managed VPN Services
Software-based, automated approach to L2/L3 VPN service assurance to ensure that your deliveries are on time and problem-free.
Digital TV and Voice Transport
Visualize digital video and voice quality from the head-end to an individual end user and understand where issues occur so problems can be eliminated before they affect your customers.
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